AlMarasem Development Never Ending Commitment

by: Brandbourne Team

AlMarasem Development – Never Ending Commitment 


About The Project:

Al Marasem International for Development was established in Egypt in 1997. Since its inception, it has been on a mission to become one of Egypt’s largest contractors; one it has been extremely successful in fulfilling, cementing its status as one of the major players in Egypt’s economical growth with its miscellaneous mega projects around the country. In mid 2017, Al Marasem began implementing a strong push towards expansion in the real estate market with the launch of its Fifth Square project, its inaugural residential compound in New Cairo.

The Brief:

Al Marasem marketing team has requested a 360 branding and awareness campaign that highlights the company’s pursuit into promoting the unique selling points of their first compound in New Cairo including delivery commitment in 2020, high end finishing and superior family community.

Challenges Faced:

In a competitive field like real estate, customers find themselves distracted by the amount of advertising they are subject to. Thus, the main challenge was developing a personalized campaign that stands out among competitors with a unique and intriguing communication message using a visually attractive and elegant concept.

Solutions Offered:

Launching outdoor campaigns, Brandbourne team has developed the concept (Never Ending) highlighting the delivery commitment in 2020 using the mastervisual: Never Ending Commitment using the intricate inner watch, the high end finishing using the tagline; Never Ending Elegance using the golden feather and the superior family community using the tagline: Never Ending Glimmer with a sole star shining brightly than the others.

To further continue the striking message, our team has successfully produced radio campaign including a real estate market tips campaigns to educate the clients about what to look for when purchasing their investment or their dream home.


Once again, the key upon delivering a creative concept is by developing a striking, coherent and personalized concept where each visual stands out on its own yet when put together create a sophisticated and sublime story.