Hyde Park – Bring Out The Gunner

by: Brandbourne Team


Hyde Park has devoted itself since its commencement towards leading a new generation of place-makers in the real estate market and creating exceptional and exquisite communities that provide inspiring living experiences for its homeowners and to fulfill such vision, the top-notch real estate developer has  partnered with Arsenal FC.

About the project:

Hyde Park Developments gave its brand followers, homeowners and Arsenal lovers the chance to visit London and attend Arsenal’s last home match of the season.

As the official sponsor to London’s prestigious club; Arsenal FC, Hyde Park has given the chance to 60 lucky winners to travel to London and attend Arsenal’s FC match. All they had to do is to capture their moment cheering for Arsenal FC and they can win a round trip to UK in addition to a field trip to Arsenal’s Football arena.

The brief requested is to provide a 360 awareness campaign highlighting the company’s sponsorship.

Challenges faced:

One challenge faced is how to develop a sharable content that will bring the attention of Arsenal FC lovers and Hyde Park homeowners.

Solutions offered:

Using influencer marketing, we have partnered with Mohamed Mekkawy and Farah Ali; enthusiast football lovers and influencers who are known for their love for Arsenal FC to shoot a video explaining what the campaign is about.


The Gunner spirit wins! The video went organically viral bring more than 318K Views with positive engagement that went up to 170 Shares and 1.3K comments. Needless to say, 60 lucky winners enjoyed cheering for the favorite football club at the field.