Molfix – Every Father’s Struggle

by: Brandbourne Team


Molfix is a leading and award winning diaper brand that has gained the trust of millions of mothers in 72 countries since 1998.

About the Project:

With Molfix Pants; a new diaper line coming up, the company has requested a branding campaign to be promoted digitally.

Challenge faced:

With a tight budget and timeline at hand, an untraditional video idea was essential to defy these challenges.

Solution offered:

An intriguing situational video that does not rely on the stereotypical mother’s POV rather on a hilarious father’s one. Teaming up with Amr Wahba, a well- known comedy influencer over the digital platforms, the video takes into a comical, situational direction aside from traditional diapers’ videos.


Content is the king and meaningful creativity is the queen!
The video organically went viral, on Amr Whaba’s personal page, the video was viewed more than 4M views with 127 shares! On Molfix’s official page, the video was shared more than 2K times.
The feedback of customers was itself positive where many mothers commented on how the video is not an ordinary stereotypical video on diapers and they mentioned their husbands and fathers, well… they related a lot.