Panadol Egypt - When pain strikes, it impacts our enjoyment of life

by: Brandbourne Team


Used in over 80 countries around the world, the leading painkiller developed by GSK, Panadol has swept the healthcare market offering fast and effective relief from pain and also reduces fever.

About the Project:

The main philosophy behind the leading over the counter pain relief is actually enjoying life, as pain hinders one from living fully and enjoying daily activities.

The Brief:

The Client has requested a coherent social media campaign to promote and aware people about the Panadol family.

Challenges faced:

The first challenge usually appears in healthcare is the unpleasant sensation patients feel when they hear words like pain.

Solutions offered:

Instead of highlighting the pain sensation patients’ feel, we highlighted how patients can enjoy their activities and daily lives without the intriguing feeling of pain thanks to Panadol.


Once again, the key is to listen to consumers and understand their struggle with the intention to act according to their needs.