Transitioning from an Asset-Centric to Customer-Centric in Real Estate Industry

by: Dr Nour Reda

Why improving customer service is vital for Real Estate industry’s growth?

Real Estate is one customer-centric industry. Like any industry, what separates it from the competition is its quality of customer service which plays a pivotal role in making a business succeed, as it can be one of the reasons of its downfall. This is why organizations carry out rigorous analysis to improve their customer service to retain existing customers and attract potential clients. Having a strong customer-centric service makes customers/ investors feel comprehended and assured that their needs, challenges, and the quality of life they aspire are all to be fulfilled in the best manner. Huge transformation in customer service is required in the region to meet the investor’s expectations. Here are some key areas of improvement:

Competence This is one area where professionalism is required. Proper knowledge of the market and understanding of customer needs help analyze the market and know when it is time to invest, sell, or offer the best deal.

Transparency Another important aspect of customer care in which Real Estate needs to bring big transformations. Customers are often hesitant to make a hefty investments in Real Estate, with all the bad impression of being non-transparent. To deal with the non-transparency such as hiding facts, giving false promises, etc. being transparent during the whole process – from the first meeting, to the deal closure, and until the customer makes the final payment.

Availability Being available to cope with the customer queries is primordial to create a positive impression of your company, as a happy customer tends to bring a lot of business through references, which is essential for growth.

Listening Every customer wants to be heard. While facing many concerns during an investment in Real Estate, they need you to listen attentively to help them find the best solution.

Besides all that, there are a few other aspects of customer service, such as friendliness, communication, exceeding expectations, and post-investment feedback that need improvement to help the industry achieve better growth.

In conclusion, the main driver of Real Estate is the ‎customer hence the industry experts need to further ‎focus on customer-centric approaches during the ‎whole sales process subsequently the ‎market will move forward and grow significantly ‎due to the trust between customers, investors and real estate firms.‎

About the author: 

Dr. Nour El Deen Reda
Digital Marketing Director / Managing Partner at Brand Bourne - Member Of The
American Marketing Association

As a high-end Influential and real estate marketer, my greatest strength is to create a solution for ‎current challenges within the real estate market, throughout my role as the catalyst required ‎within the equation to boost and speed up the sales process.‎
Thriving on educating consumers and developers in the real estate industry about how digital ‎marketing can effectively and efficiently transform the way leads are generated, compared to ‎the current traditional methods. I’m also a frequent and highly rated speaker on industry-related